Evidence for Sustainable Development and Vision

We have used the following in preparation of this section of our Neighbourhood Plan

Vision Statement

The Markfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan aims to ensure our Parish remains an attractive and desirable place to live meeting the needs of all, ensuring the community enjoys a good quality of life and feels valued and connected to each other. We aim to enhance and protect heritage assets, wildlife and the landscape in an environment where homes, businesses and facilities meet the needs of a contemporary rural community.


The aims are broad statements of intent. They clearly link to the issues we are seeking to address through our neighbourhood plan. The vision and aims provide the framework to develop the plan policies and proposals.

Environment & Heritage:

To protect and enhance the wildlife, environment and heritage assets. Recognising the need to plan for climate change and ensuring public open spaces are accessible to all and of a good quality.

Facilities & Services:

To maintain, enhance and where required expand the existing provision of facilities and services and ensure appropriate new provision is made for any future developments both within the Parish and in the surrounding areas.


To ensure that opportunities for residential development in the Parish are managed to provide the types and styles of housing that are needed, considering design, energy efficiency, climate change and the need to meet the requirements of all residents.

Business & Employment:

To continue to support the local economy, sustaining existing businesses and providing opportunities for business diversification and new businesses to become established on suitable sites in the Parish.

Traffic & Transport:

To maintain and enhance sustainable transport links within, to and from the Parish. To support moves to reduce vehicle speeds and manage parking in residential areas along with transport generated noise and pollution and increase the opportunities for safe walking and cycling.

3.3 – See Vision Statement response in Questionaire results